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Indoor Air Quality Systems

When it comes to your home, fresh clean air is of the utmost importance. Your family deserves to enjoy a healthy living space, and Anchor Air Conditioning wants to ensure that you do. We specialize in promoting clean indoor air quality with filtration systems and U.V. light technology. Keeping your air clean is a breeze.

Are you concerned about your homes Indoor Air Quality you and your Family are breathing? We carry wide range of effective UV lights and filtration systems that can be installed on your existing system.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Ultraviolet Lights

U.V. lights are a great way to better your homes indoor air quality, especially for homeowners with respiratory problems. Studies show that UV lights are effective in killing mold and bacteria in areas within the line of sight of the installed ultraviolet device. UV lights prevent future growth of mold and bacteria and treats the air as it continuously passes through.

The Air Handler and Evaporator Coil typically show the highest area of growth due to the constant temperature and dew point changes. UV light installations are usually mounted inside and/or around the evaporator coil. A single UV light is sufficient and multiple lights can be installed in these areas.